Marketing Platform

Everflow is the smarter Partner Marketing & Tracking Platform. Everflow empowers clients to track campaigns without links and understand everything: Affiliates, Influencers, App Publishers, Referral Partners, Strategic Partners, and even all the Performance Media Buying Channels.


Everflow provides speed and scale through Google Cloud infrastructure, automated optimization through SmartSwitch, with accessible reports for deep diving into every user’s click.

  • Track all marketing channels across desktop and In-App environments.
  • View your reporting across any datapoint – optimize on the placement level.
  • Influencer tracking through coupon links in URL.
  • Manage an unlimited number of affiliates, offers, and influencers.
  • Built-in anti-fraud defenses automatically block bad traffic: proxies, duplicates, click Injection, and more.
  • Strong portfolio of integrations with industry leaders to integrate and simplify your marketing tech stack

How Everflow works with Lead Prosper

Integrating Everflow with Lead Prosper allows you to harness all of the powerful features Everflow offers from a marketing and lead generation standpoint, and allows the Everflow user to route the data resulting from those marketing efforts, to its various endpoints – IE: CRM, Email platform, lead buyer(s), and so much more. Using our built in webhook feature you can easily communicate back to Everflow and update events based on the Everflow Transaction ID.

Everflow Customer Webhook