Features accessible in every account

Features accessible in every account


Based on your phone or email list - let suppliers know you, or your buyer, already have a lead in your database before they attempt to send it.

Ping Post

Ping your clients's API with partial lead information and based on the response you can create rules on whether or not you want to send the full lead.

Field Validation

Don't depend on your supplier to get your campaigns filtering right - tailor the campaign on your end to only accept leads that fit your filters.

Multi-buyer Campaigns

Whether you want a ping-tree, round robin, or send the lead to all your buyers, the multi-buyer campaign type easily lets you build a campaign around your needs.

Real-time Analytics

Monitor buys, sells, fails, dupes, etc in real time. Catch issues before they become problems, or just sit back and watch the stats grow.

Alerts by email, text, and more

Important alerts direct to your cell or email set by you - including feed down, fail/duplicate thresholds, campaigns fluctuating volume, campaigns not hitting caps and more.

Easy Client Integration

Integrate, map fields, and test customer APIs quickly and easily without a tech queue.

Dupe Check

Based on email or phone, and on a timeframe you choose - let suppliers know you, or your buyer, already have a lead before accepting it.

Customer Success Team

Let us help you expand your reach and capture more of that market share through internal and external lead generation.

No Tech Needed

Lead Prosper was created so that anyone can run a lead distribution platform. From integrating specs to reposting data and beyond.

Excellent Support

Our team of account managers and developers are ready to assist with your needs.

Data Security

Hosted in the cloud, backed by Amazon, built by industry vets and technical pros.

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