Lead Generation

Helping brands & businesses grow by connecting them to the right audiences



Identify User Intent

Using first-party data to sharply identify consumer intent and generate potential leads for our clients.

Increase Engagement

Unique content engages consumers across a variety of verticals, giving invaluable self-declared data.

Improve Conversion Rates

Utilizing tools, resources & expertise to help brands acquire the right customers and drive better business results.

How Interest Media works with Lead Prosper

Integrating Interest Media as a supplier to any Lead Prosper campaign is very easy! Once you have built your campaign within Lead Prosper, you simply add a new client, enter the details for Interest Media, set a price point, add any filters, and press confirm ~ its as easy as that. Of course, you’ll want to discuss the details and targeting of your campaign with Interest Media prior to adding them as a supplier -> head over to today to get the conversation started.