December 07, 2021Case Study Lead Prosper Spurs Concussion Media To Migrate From Their Old Alternative

Case Study Lead Prosper Spurs Concussion Media To Migrate From Their Old Alternative

Founded by Michael Mourgides and Adam Bulyar, Concussion Media is a boutique affiliate network serving a handful of publishers primarily in the finance space. According to Bulyar, “We started out as an in-house media team for a company we were running, but we segued into lead gen when we realized we liked doing that better. Fast forward and this is our 10th year in the space, and we’re buying media on all the major ad platforms.”

10 years ago, Lead Prosper was just an idea, and Concussion Media was relying on a different distribution platform to connect its firehose of leads to all the interested buyers it had formed relationships with. The solution got the job done, but never as elegantly as it could have. “We were an early adopter of another distribution platform, and while it works, their interface or UI is very clunky, and there are a lot of redundancies in it.” Bulyar and his team put up with the shortcomings and quirks of the software for years, but an introduction to Lead Prosper prompted them to make a change.

“I was actually referred to Lead Prosper a couple different ways. Initially, a guy working for me was using the platform for a side project since he couldn’t commit to the monthly subscription fees demanded by most other systems. The pay for performance model fit his mold perfectly and helped him build a viable business. When anotzher friend recommended Lead Prosper shortly after, I decided it must be worth a try.”

Examining An Alterative

Recognizing some of the faults of his incumbent solution, Bulyar scheduled a demo and immediately took to Lead Prosper’s modern user interface and easy operation. “It’s much more user friendly, and campaigns are much easier to set up.” As a trial run, the company started out using the platform for many of its co-reg leads, but Bulyar is eager to move the rest of his operation over. “Seeing Lead Prosper grow makes me anxious to graduate from our previous solution. When you consider the simplicity of the user interface and the utility of the reporting, it’s an easy decision. I’d love to move my entire business over there.”

In addition to simplifying lead distribution, Bulyar cites another advantage of the Lead Prosper platform: notifications. “That’s another thing that other systems don’t do as well. Lead Prosper notifies us if there are errors or a certain threshold has been reached so we know when we should take a look at things or manually intervene. With these warnings, you can let automated campaigns run their course knowing they’re sort of supervised.”

Armed with a platform that makes lead distribution easy and automatic, Concussion Media is growing fast. 2021 revenue has already outpaced 2020 by 50% — with a month still to go. In addition to a complete migration to Lead Prosper, the team is considering plans to expand its business by turning some of the company’s intellectual property into additional revenue streams. “We’re obviously in the lead gen space, but we’ve also built a lot of ad tech internally. One of our favorite tools helps us aggregate data from Facebook and our lead manager so that we can use automatic rules and APIs to turn campaigns on or off based on their performance. We’re going to run it for a while and work out all the bugs first, but we might someday bring it to market.” Based on Concussion Media’s proven track record, there’s little doubt the team will find success wherever they look.

It’s been great to show the Concussion Media team an updated alternative to their old distribution platform, and we look forward to helping them migrate Concussion Media and their other lead-gen focused businesses to Lead Prosper.