You should own your offers
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As an affiliate, you’ve built a business around turning traffic into leads. If you’re like most affiliates, you’ve been doing it for someone else — but you can own your offers, too.

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3 Reasons to Own Your Offers

Diversify Revenue Streams

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Owning a few offers mitigates your exposure if some of your clients decide to go a different route.

More Remonetization Opps

Instead of earning a single paycheck, you can remonetize data you generate yourself over and over.

Own Another Phase of the Lead-Gen Ecosystem

Running traffic to your own offers cuts out middlemen, maximizes your margins, and lets you out-compete other lead generators who lack in-house affiliate experience.

5 Ways Lead Prosper Can Help

Real-Time Delivery

Deliver leads in real-time to direct post or ping / post APIs, email, or store the leads.

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Powerful Filters

Any data you collect can be used to filter and route leads to the correct buyer or highest bidder.

Enhanced Analytics

Customizable analytics dashboard gives easy-to-view access to every campaign, seller, and buyer data point needed to improve and optimize your business.

3rd-Party Integrations

Easily enable and integrate an extensive number of 3rd-party integrations for validation, fraud prevention, compliance checks, marketing, and more.

Easy DIY Set Up

Lead Prosper is a self-service platform - you have access to everything you need to add and build your campaigns, suppliers, and buyers on your own.

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