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Automated Lead Distribution

With Lead Prosper you can harness the power of advanced lead distribution tool sets to elevate your lead generation business.

Increase lead profitability with advanced routing logic, direct-post and ping / post lead delivery methods, fully transparent lead life cycle, 3rd party integrations, real-time data analytics, and so much more.

Designed For You

Lead Sellers

Optimized to maximize profits, Lead Prosper is purpose-built lead distribution software that instantly matches your leads to the highest qualified buyer(s). And that’s just the start. Sellers are given a wide variety of tools to make better decisions, including:

Provides actionable analytics on lead performance,
Leverages robust automation to reduce manual busywork
Enables you to scale your distribution easily over time.

Lead Buyers

Lead buyers face deep challenges when coordinating complex relationships with multiple lead suppliers – but they don’t have to. Lead Prosper provides a unified platform to consolidate and manage all their supplier relationships. Buyers have access to:

Powerful analytics to track ROI across sources
Automation to route leads precisely when received
Controls to prevent lead overload or duplicates

Lead Brokers

By coordinating the lead ecosystem on one platform, Lead Prosper enables brokers to focus on high-value management of partnerships for growth – rather than mired in manual busy work across different systems. Our platform helps you:

Streamline onboarding new partners in minutes
Match suppliers and buyers into tailored campaigns
Automate routing based on your distribution strategy
Powerful, Easy-To-Use Filters

Real-Time Lead Delivery

Buyer profiles can be set to deliver leads in real-time using a variety of delivery methods such as Direct Post, Ping / Post, Email, SMS, or store the lead as soon as the lead is ingested into the system. Campaign Triggers can be set up to work as secondary actions to send leads to secondary sources in real-time, as well as fire postback and webhooks for seamless lead tracking across multiple platforms.

Powerful, Easy-To-Use Filters

At your disposal is a wide variety of data formats and types that allow users to easily build out complex filters that ensure that your lead data is of the highest quality and always sold to the right buyer(s). Filter and route leads based on any data points collected in your leads.

Powerful, Easy-To-Use Filters
Powerful, Easy-To-Use Filters

Complete Lead Visibility

Get a bird's-eye view of the entire lead lifecycle - from ingestion to sale. Analyze the lead data that was ingested, each buyer's API post and response, full ping responses if it's ping / post, and every campaign trigger log from a single, easy-to-digest modal.

Built-In 3rd-Party Validations

Activate industry-standard solutions for compliance and fraud prevention with a single click

third-party party integrations

Easily Build Campaigns

Connect the dots between suppliers and buyers.

Easily Build Campaigns

Industry-Leading Support

But don’t take our word for it…

Karman Ray, Leadbreakers

“Knowing you have a vendor that can support you when something goes completely berserk is very reassuring. Lead Prosper has been instrumental in providing that extra support that we've needed while getting up and running.”

Gustavo Montero, United Ventures

“Lead Prosper support is very responsive to any request — they’ll find a way to get it done.”

Brad Morgan, USA Medicare Advisors

“We’re super happy with Lead Prosper. I submit a ticket via email and I’m on the phone with Raul in 30 seconds. It’s crazy. I’ve asked for a feature at almost midnight, and they had it implemented within 30 minutes—all at no extra cost for us. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Chris Smitley, Clicksmart.com

“Anything we throw at Lead Prosper, they handle it — anytime you have a question, you have an answer a few minutes or sometimes seconds later. It’s very rare in this business.”

Jared Kogan and Mike Zevallos, Giggle Finance

“Lead Prosper has been a tremendous help when we were out of our depth, coding custom scripts for us and getting us up and running. They’ve also made some key introductions to people they thought could be relevant to us, and that’s the extra level of attention and support that I don’t think you’ll get from some of the 800-pound gorillas in the marketplace.”

Anthony Paluzzi, PALO Media Group

“Lead Prosper support has helped us tremendously. With Lead Prosper, we’ve been able to manage and onboard more partners while gaining valuable insights into key metrics.”

Dan Baber, Wicked Good Leads

“I’m not a tech guy, and being able to reach out to support and get almost an immediate response is a huge help. Time is money in this business, and it’s insane how fast they get back to me.”

Tiered Pricing


Monthly cost*


Leads cost


Inbound PING cost


Pre-ping (Dupe check) cost

How many LEADS?

How many PINGS?

How many PRE-PINGS?


Tier 05,000 — included in subscription


Tier 0200,000 — included in subscription


Tier 0200,000 — included in subscription

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Enjoy Our Features

Scalable pricing that doesn't hold any features hostage.

Highest Bidder

Sell your leads to the buyer who’s willing to pay the most.

Real-Time Analytics

Get immediate insights into your lead flow and determine your most profitable suppliers or buyers in a few clicks.

Ping Post

Ping out partial lead information to prompt a bid from potential buyers.

Field Validations

Automatically fail leads that don’t meet the formatting criteria outlined in your fields.

Dupe Check

Send or receive pre-pings to ensure duplicate leads never make it to your campaigns.

Third-Party Validations

Easily activate staple lead-gen services like TrustedForm, LeadID, Anura, and Xverify.

Lead Returns

Process lead returns easily in a matter of minutes through a CSV file upload.

Unlimited Suppliers and Buyers

Easily add new suppliers or buyers to your campaigns, with no limit on the number of campaigns or participants.

Unlimited Webhooks

Send your leads to as many additional destinations as you want with no additional charges.

Unlimited campaigns

Create unlimited direct post or ping/post campaigns, connecting lead sellers and buyers.

Lifetime Lead Storage

Access all your leads indefinitely.

Simple Testing Procedures

Use our built-in testing parameters to vet out your API connections before campaigns go live.

Buyer Portal

Charge your buyers for leads in real-time

Peak Reliability

If Lead Prosper is down, so is the internet.

Customizable Alerts

Get notifications via email or text when your campaigns aren’t functioning as they should.

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