February 08, 2023Unleashing the Power of Your Plugin — Connecting Gravity Forms to Lead Prosper

Unleashing the Power of Your Plugin — Connecting Gravity Forms to Lead Prosper

Gravity Forms is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, and for good reason. Its user-friendly, highly customizable drag-and-drop form builder makes it easy for users to create complex forms with a wide range of fields and options. In addition to advanced form options, Gravity Forms offers users in the lead-gen space another key feature — the ability to connect to other tools and services through webhooks.

The Gravity Forms webhooks add-on gives users an incredible amount of flexibility by allowing them to add a huge variety of powerful automation tools into their workflows. These tools can remove errors, improve efficiency, facilitate real-time routing, and maximize revenue — or, in the case of Lead Prosper, do all that and more.

Connecting Gravity Forms webhooks to your lead-routing campaigns in Lead Prosper is both simple and seamless, allowing you to take advantage of the lead-generating power of the Gravity Forms plugin and the real-time routing, filtering, and automation capabilities built into Lead Prosper.

Reaping the Real-Time Benefits

For users in the lead-generation industry, the importance of routing data in real-time cannot be overstated. Lead intent is never higher than it is at the moment the lead is generated, meaning any delay in getting the lead information to the end buyer will result in missed opportunities, lower conversion figures, and reduced customer satisfaction. In other words, the success of your business depends on your ability to quickly and accurately distribute leads to the correct parties in real-time.

By using the Gravity Forms webhooks add-on and Lead Prosper together, you unlock several key benefits.

  1. Automation: By connecting your Gravity Forms to Lead Prosper, you’re taking advantage of an automated lead generation process. The moment you receive a form submission, that lead is ingested into Lead Prosper and routed according to the logic you build out in your campaigns, ensuring the lead gets delivered in real-time to the buyer who values it the most. Automation saves time and improves efficiency, streamlining your workflow and helping you improve the way you manage and later analyze your leads.
  2. Improved Accuracy: Manual processes are always susceptible to error, which is why automation is vital for maximum accuracy. When you automate your lead routing with Lead Prosper, you can be sure that your leads are ending up in the right place, which is particularly important if you have lots of buyers willing to pay different amounts for a lead. When you build out routing logic in Lead Prosper, you never have to wonder if you’re maximizing your potential revenue per lead.
  3. Customization: By connecting Gravity Forms to Lead Prosper, you have the flexibility to send the form fields that you want into your campaign — and quickly add new fields when you onboard buyers with additional lead specifications. The control and convenience afforded by Gravity Forms is the perfect complement to the usability of the Lead Prosper platform, and connecting Gravity Forms and Lead Prosper couldn’t be easier with the Gravity Forms webhooks add-on.

Gravity Forms has made its mark as a must-have Wordpress plugin for anyone looking to streamline their form-building process and improve their lead-generation efforts. While Gravity Forms alone is a highly useful tool for lead suppliers, its full potential can be realized with a simple and quick connection to Lead Prosper that is just an add-on away. Make the most of the Gravity Forms webhooks add-on and level up your business by automatically routing leads as soon as your form is filled. For step by step instructions on how to connect Gravity Forms to Lead Prosper using the Gravity Forms webhooks add-on, watch our Gravity Forms tutorial.