December 15, 2022How to Mitigate the Risk of Noncompliance with a New Lead Prosper Filter

How to Mitigate the Risk of Noncompliance with a New Lead Prosper Filter

Jornaya’s LeadID and ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm have both become staples in the lead-gen industry, and any reputable lead buyer is going to require a seller to pass along at least one of these fields as proof of customer consent.

Of course, not all leads will have both, which presents a problem when you’re deciding which fields to make required in a new campaign. Previously, the best practice was to add both TrustedForm and LeadID fields to a campaign and keep them optional, but that meant you could inadvertently accept a lead that had neither.

To solve this problem, we’ve added a new type of filter in Lead Prosper that allows you to require at least one of several fields without requiring all of them.

Global Filter

To use this functionality in your own campaigns, add optional LeadID and TrustedForm fields as usual, but when you get to the campaign overview window, you’ll scroll down to the filters section and add a new Global Filter. Choose the “At least 1 field required” option from the dropdown menu, and then pick the fields you want to collectively investigate.

Global Filter Setup

Now, if a lead is ingested and none of those fields you selected are present, the lead will fail. As long as one has a valid value, however, the lead will move through the campaign normally.

To communicate this campaign requirement to your suppliers, we’ve added an annotation in the API specs explaining that one of the two fields is required to be present — so whether they use Jornaya’s LeadID or ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm, your campaign will be able to accept their leads.

API Specs Page

The “at least 1 field required” filter was created for the compliance purpose we’ve just outlined, but you can put in any fields you collect in your campaign, and we anticipate that our users will come up with a variety of creative ways to maximize its utility. If you have a use-case you think we should share, or any questions about this new feature, submit a support ticket or email us at [email protected].