April 03, 2023Ping Post Delivery — Powerful Real-Time Lead Exchange

Ping Post Delivery — Powerful Real-Time Lead Exchange

In today’s lead distribution industry, it is impossible to overstate the importance of buying and selling leads in real-time. For buyers, knowing upfront that they are acquiring high-quality leads gives them a greater chance of conversion, increases potential ROI, and gives them peace of mind that they aren’t wasting time and money on low-quality data. For suppliers, they have additional control of who buys their leads and at what price. They can choose to sell to the highest bidder, penalize unreliable buyers, set rules and filters, or any number of other options that can increase efficiency of their lead delivery. For both suppliers and buyers, Ping Post unlocks the benefits of real-time lead distribution, but in this article, we’ll focus on how lead suppliers can ping post leads to their buyers.

What is Ping Post?

Ping Post is a lead distribution method commonly used in the online advertising and affiliate marketing industry. Ping Post allows advertisers to receive real-time bids from multiple lead buyers for a single lead.

Delivering to Buyers Ping Post

When a consumer submits their information through an online form such as a loan application or insurance quote request, the lead is typically sent to a lead distribution platform. The distribution platform system acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the lead buyer. In a Ping Post lead bid system, the platform then sends a notification to multiple lead buyers, who can submit a bid for the lead in real-time.

After the bids are received, the advertiser can choose to accept the highest bid or set specific criteria for accepting bids. Once a bid is accepted, the full lead or “post” is then sent to the buyer, who can follow up with the lead and attempt to convert them into a customer.

A Ping Post lead bid system is an efficient way of distributing leads as it allows advertisers to receive competitive bids for their leads, while also allowing lead buyers and affiliates to have the opportunity to purchase leads that match their specific criteria. It has become a popular method in the online advertising and affiliate marketing industry.

Benefits of Lead Distribution Software with Ping Post

As a real-time lead distribution system, Ping Post allows businesses to quickly and efficiently distribute leads to multiple buyers simultaneously. There are several reasons why a business should explore Ping Post as their real-time action:

  1. Speed: With a Ping Post platform, businesses can distribute leads in real-time, which means that potential customers can be contacted immediately after expressing interest. This increases the likelihood of converting leads into sales because the customer is still engaged and interested.
  2. Efficiency: A Ping Post platform allows businesses to distribute leads to multiple buyers simultaneously. This means that businesses can maximize the potential for lead conversion by reaching out to multiple potential buyers at once.
  3. Customization: Ping Post software allows businesses to customize their lead distribution strategy based on their specific needs. For example, businesses can set up Ping Post to distribute leads based on geographic location or other criteria that are important to them.
  4. Flexibility: Ping Post software can be integrated with a variety of different systems, including CRMs and marketing automation platforms. This allows businesses to streamline their lead generation and follow-up processes and optimize their sales funnel.
  5. Pricing: Ping Post lead distribution software can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Lead Prosper offers powerful lead distribution without paywalls or monthly minimums, making it the perfect solution for any size business. With Lead Prosper’s tiered pricing system, leads get cheaper as volume increases, creating unmatched savings for large brokers. At the same time, Lead Prosper has no contracts and allows for unlimited outbound pings, making it the best value for small lead brokers selling leads with ping post lead distribution software.

Ping Post real time lead distribution software companies like Lead Prosper can help businesses to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their lead generation and conversion processes, ultimately leading to increased revenue and growth.