April 26, 2023Stop Fraud in Its Tracks Using Lead Prosper's Integration With IPQualityScore

Stop Fraud in Its Tracks Using Lead Prosper's Integration With IPQualityScore

Lead generation is a crucial part of any business, but the rise in fraudulent internet activity means that digital lead-gen efforts can quickly become a burden instead of a boost to your sales initiatives. Without fraud prevention, you’re looking at wasted time, lost revenue, a damaged reputation, and potential legal complications. To protect the bottom line of your business, it’s more important than ever to make sure that the leads you're generating are legitimate. That's where Lead Prosper's integration with IP Quality Score comes in.

IPQualityScore provides best-in-class fraud prevention tools and bot protection, featuring better accuracy, worldwide coverage, and fewer false positives than similar vendors. With Lead Prosper's integration, you can take advantage of the same tools trusted by Fortune 500 companies in just a few seconds, stopping bots, fraudulent devices, and risky IPs from polluting your lead-gen campaigns.

The suite of tools provided by IP Quality Score includes Bot Detection, Proxy & VPN Detection, Email Validation, Device Fingerprinting, and User & Transaction Scoring tools. These tools can easily integrate with any platform in minutes, making it easy to deploy them in your Lead Prosper campaigns. With IP Quality Score, you can permanently stop bots, fake and abusive users, chargebacks, click fraud, and other types of abuse. There’s even a free IPQualityScore IP lookup that can lookup IP address information and provide a full risk analysis report.

One of the key features of IP Quality Score's fraud prevention suite is the ability to score user data such as an IP address or device, email address, phone number, or complete billing details. This capability allows you to generate real-time fraud scores and over 25 risk-analysis data points to analyze how likely a user or visitor is to engage in fraudulent behavior. Plus, their fraud prevention tools even learn from your audience to improve future scoring models, and new patterns of fraudulent behavior are detected across their network every few seconds.

With Lead Prosper's integration with IPQS, you can filter out fraudulent leads in real-time — before they negatively impact your business or the business of your customers. With the ability to activate a suite of fraud prevention tools from within your Lead Prosper account, it’s never been easier to protect your business and ensure the leads you're generating are of the highest quality.

For more information about IPQS or to create an account, visit IPqualityscore.com.