November 19, 2021Case Study Launching An Exciting New Revenue Stream For Usa Medicare Advisors

Case Study Launching An Exciting New Revenue Stream For Usa Medicare Advisors

For the past five years, USA Medicare Advisors has helped more than 10,000 customers all over the country navigate the confusing maze of Medicare and protect themselves from costly gaps in coverage with Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap). By closely following relevant federal and state legislative developments, the group strives to keep members informed about changing plan benefits, and its free consultations allow customers to find the lowest cost Medicare Supplements based on their unique needs and preferences. USA Medicare Advisors also offers a 24/7 Concierge Client Service staffed by highly trained insurance industry experts to ensure that no question or concern goes unaddressed. Unsurprisingly, the white glove service has been a resounding success.

When the company’s internal lead generation efforts started to produce more qualified customers than its 50+ agents could possibly handle, USA Medicare Advisors began a campaign to redistribute excess leads to larger companies in the insurance vertical with the capacity to service the overflow. Brad Morgan, the Director of IT at USA Medicare Advisors, went through several lead distribution companies in an effort to pilot the new revenue stream. Even after working with some of the biggest names in the industry, he had yet to find a viable partner.

“We were using one well-known solution for quite a while, but the pricing was eating into our profits and their customer service was atrocious. It was a three-day turnaround just to hear back regarding a support ticket, and getting someone on the phone was all but impossible. When we finally did manage to connect with their service team, getting what we wanted would always cost a fortune, take months to implement, or both. We were frustrated to say the least.”

A New Leader in Lead Distribution

Morgan finally caught a break when a friend and CTO in the health insurance industry recommended Lead Prosper. It didn’t take more than a quick Google search to reveal a lead distribution platform with a much more modern UX and far more competitive rates, so Morgan reached out to the team at Lead Prosper for a brief demo. In terms of features, what he saw was on par with other leading players in the space, but the service and pricing were on another level entirely. “You could immediately tell it was a newer platform that was more affordable, but I also saw that Ross, Raul and the rest of the guys were just really hungry. They clearly had a startup mentality, and they really listened to customer feedback. We liked that attitude behind the business, and needless to say it was a far cry from what we had been experiencing up until then. It’s their livelihood and they’re living and breathing it.”

Since dropping the old solution and partnering with Lead Prosper in July 2021, Morgan says that all his customer service wishes have been granted. “We’re super happy with Lead Prosper. I submit a ticket via email and I’m on the phone with Raul in 30 seconds. It’s crazy. I’ve asked for a feature at almost midnight, and they had it implemented within 30 minutes—all at no extra cost for us. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Besides superlative service, Morgan is also particularly enamored with the mobile capabilities Lead Prosper brings to the lead distribution game. “It’s 2021, and while mobile UX should be a major priority for any business, we tried plenty of solutions that were essentially unusable on your phone. With Lead Prosper, I can finally leave my laptop behind when I head out to dinner and easily make things happen with one or two clicks on my phone.”

USA Medicare Advisors Continues to Aim Higher

After a banner year in 2020, USA Medicare Advisors is well-positioned for continued growth. The company is sitting in a new headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and over the next few years it aims to expand its roster of some 50+ local agents to more than a thousand spread out around the country. The company continues to reinvest its profits back in the business as it charts a path of rapid yet sustainable growth.

Lead Prosper is a key part of that strategy, allocating the insurance organization’s surplus leads to a dozen or so buyers in the most efficient and profitable manner possible. Lead Prosper has also created features specifically designed to make the agents manning the phones at USA Medicare Advisors more effective, including a tool that automatically turns zip code inputs into more useful city and state information as well as features that facilitate the sale of surplus. In particular, Lead Prosper has allowed USA Medicare Advisors to deliver self-service capabilities to its lead buyers, letting them turn the flow of leads on and off without ever needing to pick up the phone.

The Bottom Line

The lead distribution market is growing increasingly crowded, and Morgan acknowledges that there’s plenty of overlap from one provider to the next. “Without Lead Prosper, we’d probably be in a similar place—but with a lot more headaches and significantly lighter pockets. I can tell you right now, our CFO cares about the bottom line, and he’s very happy that we’re spending a fraction of what we used to earmark toward lead distribution by going with Lead Prosper. Not only is it less expensive, but the platform and service are so good, and we know more exciting features are always on the way.”

For our part, we’re thrilled to be working with USA Medicare Advisors and continuing to add their thoughtful requests to our product roadmap. It’s been an exciting journey, and we look forward to supporting their growth every step of the way.