February 02, 2023Case Study — Lead Prosper Gets an A+ from United Ventures’ Automation Architects

Case Study — Lead Prosper Gets an A+ from United Ventures’ Automation Architects

With offices all across the Americas, United Ventures helps brands in a wide variety of verticals start valuable conversations with high-quality prospects. As COO Gustavo Montero explains, “United Ventures offers our clients calls with intent in whatever vertical they’re operating in. Basically, we automate contact with our leads, turn them into calls with intent, and deliver those calls to our clients’ sales floors where they have agents ready to take the call.”

Before they started using Lead Prosper, publishers would route the leads they generated directly into United Ventures’ CRM — but in the fast-paced world of lead-gen, these cumbersome connections were becoming a problem to maintain.

“Whenever we had to clone a campaign in our CRM, which was becoming more and more frequent, we would have to send an email to the publisher with new API posting instructions for that new campaign, and we would have to cross our fingers and pray that the publishers would read that email that day and make the changes, because the old phone number tied to the campaign was already dead. Factor in different time zones and levels of responsiveness, and we could be waiting much longer than we wanted to be. Lead Prosper was the perfect solution to this because I could make the changes myself within seconds.”

Lead Prosper’s mission — to make it possible for non-technical users to build and manage powerful API connections between lead sources and destinations — was a perfect match for the needs of the United Ventures team, and their automation architects aren’t looking back.

“Lead Prosper has given us vastly improved control over our lead flow. Before, leads would go into our CRM whenever the publisher happened to send them — regardless of the allowed contact times. Now, we use Lead Prosper to round robin leads to our different campaigns, and we include day-parting filters to make sure leads are sent through the right flow at the right time.”

The Lead Prosper platform has also facilitated compliance improvements that are vital to the United Ventures business model. “To ensure compliance with our customer engagement platform, we needed to ensure that a lead had Trusted Form or LeadID before it ever made it to our CRM, and before we started using Lead Prosper that wasn’t possible. Lead Prosper makes it easier for us to know the quality of each lead, while seamlessly separating our different feeds and delivering exactly what our clients are looking for.”

Thanks in part to the organization’s newfound operational agility, United Ventures is expanding rapidly, earning new clients and entering fresh verticals to deliver its marketing and customer acquisition solutions to an even broader audience. “It looks like Lead Prosper is going to continue to play a crucial part in our growth. We’ve used a variety of other solutions and found that Lead Prosper is definitely A+ material.”

Thanks to Gustavo and the entire United Ventures team for trusting Lead Prosper to meet their lead distribution needs. We’re looking forward to growing together in 2023 and beyond.