February 20, 2023Case Study — Leadbreakers: A Customer Acquisition Expert's Journey to the Perfect Lead Distribution Software

Case Study — Leadbreakers: A Customer Acquisition Expert's Journey to the Perfect Lead Distribution Software

To founder Karman Ray, Leadbreakers are customer acquisition experts, but they're also consultants and partners for their clients. "We want to make sure that we are not only supporting our specific clients in terms of their growth aspirations, but also being that extra sounding board when things are going wrong in their business... Instead of just putting a customer in front of our clients, we aim to add value throughout the whole chain of customer acquisition." Perhaps not surprisingly, Ray has the same mindset and set of expectations when it comes to the solutions providers he relies on to run his own business.

In his mind, technology vendors should be more than just solutions providers --- they should be strategic partners who support the business and are supported in return. Ray was on a quest to find the right lead distribution software that would not only offer a product that fit the needs of his business, but would also be there to help in both the initial implementation and ongoing operation. "Having tech partners with you in the trenches is super important to me as a business owner, and I look for that when finding the right people to help support our business. It's great when people can roll up their sleeves and be there with you."

The long waits for subpar service he had experienced in the past weren't going to cut it. Fortunately, after demoing what felt like an endless number of distribution options, Ray finally found Lead Prosper, which quickly set itself apart from the competition with its user-friendly interface and exceptional support.

Combining Beauty and Brains

Ray describes the UI of Lead Prosper as "fluid and easy to use" making it immediately attractive compared to other software providers he tested. He also highlights the simplicity of the software, which focuses on core functionalities and doesn't overwhelm the user with a lot of bloatware. "Lead Prosper makes it easy to get a lead from in the door to out the door, especially for someone who might be less experienced in the space."

While he readily acknowledges the usability advantages, what really made Lead Prosper stand out to Ray was the support he received from the team. "Support. 100%" he said when asked what set Lead Prosper apart from its competitors. Working with Raul, CTO and co-founder of Lead Prosper, Ray felt completely assured that Lead Prosper could support him when things went wrong. "Having that extra touch point when things aren't going well, and just knowing you have a vendor that can support you when something goes completely berserk is very reassuring. Lead Prosper has been instrumental in providing that extra support that we've needed while getting up and running."

As a business owner, Ray highlights the importance of having tech partners who can support him and be there with him "in the trenches." He explained that "having people around who have experienced what you're going through is really huge. It helps you learn faster and get where you want to be that much quicker." When technology vendors fail to fill that role, "The machine breaks, and it's simply not as efficient." According to Ray, a partner like Lead Prosper that shares his philosophy only furthers his company's goal of adding value for their customers. "This triage between technology partners, Leadbreakers, and Leadbreakers' clients --- when you get it right... It works.

We are honored to be a part of Leadbreakers' growth journey and look forward to remaining an integral component of their continued success. Thanks to Karman Ray and the Leadbreakers team for trusting Lead Prosper to meet their lead distribution needs!