March 20, 2023Case Study — Pivoting and Prospering with Wicked Good Leads

Case Study — Pivoting and Prospering with Wicked Good Leads

Originally the founder of an SEO agency, Dan Baber knew he had to pivot when the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. With clients closing their doors and marketing budgets in freefall, Baber turned to the lead-gen industry and founded Wicked Good Leads.

Initially, the plan was to broker high-intent customer calls, but Baber quickly ran into issues with both the quantity and quality of the calls he was receiving. To take ownership of the process, Wicked Good Leads opened its own call center in June 2021, and getting the right leads to its in-house agents required sophisticated lead management software. When he came across Lead Prosper, he was sold on its ease of use, the flexible pricing options, and the ability to scale as needed. “The ease of setting up a new campaign, the ease of integration with the lead vendors that we already use. It’s super simple to get your suppliers set up, send a test post, and get up and running.” The highly customizable nature of the campaigns also caught Baber’s eye, including the ability to add filters and adjust bids and pricing based on specific criteria.

In his search for the best distribution software, Baber found that Lead Prosper’s flexible pricing immediately put the platform a step ahead of its competitors. “As a start up, the pricing options allowed me to get going without committing to something that might not work for me and the size of my operation at the time,” he said. "That was the most appealing part.” The pay-per-use model with no contracts or monthly minimums enabled Wicked Good Leads to gradually increase their lead volume as they grew their revenue. Without prohibitive upfront costs, Baber was able to focus his limited resources on other areas of the business.

Baber was also excited that Lead Prosper featured a seamless integration with Blacklist Alliance. “Lead Prosper offers a wonderful dashboard with the flexibility to integrate different softwares into it” he says. As a third party validation service that Wicked Good Leads already heavily utilized, the fact that Blacklist Alliance could be integrated with Lead Prosper with just a few clicks was a “huge help” for Baber and his team.

A Lasting Impression

After getting used to the platform, the Wicked Good Leads organization quickly discovered another invaluable benefit of Lead Prosper — industry-leading support. “I'm not a tech guy” says Baber, “and being able to reach out to support and get almost an immediate response is a huge help. We call on real time leads, and time is money in this business. If leads are failing to post to our Vici dialer, our agents are at a standstill. Having Raul and his team there to fix whatever issues there might be is absolutely amazing. It’s just insane how fast he gets back to me.”

Since choosing Lead Prosper as his lead management software, Baber has utilized the platform to help his company grow rapidly. In addition to increasing revenue by over $1 million, Wicked Good Leads also 10X’d their lead volume from 1,000 to 10,000 leads per day. While the company was founded on providing final expense insurance, Baber has already started to diversify its campaigns. The goal is to have 200 call center agents and to expand into debt settlement, credit repair, and tax debt. Although final expense insurance is still a primary offer, ACA and SSDI are also in demand and have become popular cross-sells.

COVID-19 has been tough on businesses, but companies like Wicked Good Leads have managed to survive and even thrive by pivoting their business models. By exploring a new industry, taking the initiative to set up its own call center, and learning to utilize powerful technologies like Lead Prosper, Wicked Good Leads has been able to weather the storm and emerge stronger than before.

Thanks to Dan Baber and the Wicked Good Leads team for trusting us as their Lead Generation software provider. We look forward to being a part of Wicked Good Leads’ continued success.