April 08, 2021Eliminate The Cost Of Bad Data With An Xverify Integration

Eliminate The Cost Of Bad Data With An Xverify Integration

Our customers choose Lead Prosper for our features, customer service, and the tremendous value that we can offer to both established and growing businesses, but—truth be told—we can’t take all the credit. We’re also proud to provide integrations with some of the most prominent players in the marketing industry. These integrations elevate our platform by providing our customers with powerful capabilities that would take us years to reproduce starting from a blank slate.

Today, we want to highlight Xverify, which offers verification and validation services for email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses starting at just $.01 per record. While you might think inaccurate information in your databases is relatively harmless, the truth is that it can cost you dearly in the long run.

If you haven’t heard of the 1-10-100 Rule, it essentially states that investing $1 in prevention can accomplish the same as a $10 investment in correction, which can in turn help you avoid a $100 failure. Those numbers might change based on your own industry and application, but the principle is sound. Research suggests that as many as 30% of processed leads include the wrong phone numbers, while 28% have incorrect emails and 27% are under the wrong name. Marketing to these leads is expensive, and that cost grows the longer you let the inaccuracies sit in your database.

The good news is that Xverify can comb your database to remove false information. What’s even better is that it can actively validate new data as it’s being entered. As you’ll see, verifying your audience comes with some major advantages:

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Save time and money

It takes valuable resources to usher prospects through your marketing funnel, so it’s nice to know those prospects are real. Verification services help you make sure you’re not sending carefully crafted marketing emails to Turkish bots with no intention of converting. Another advantage of eliminating fake or inactive email addresses is that you end up with more meaningful data related to opens, click rates, and bounce rates. It’s also a good idea to have Xverify’s fraud protection services search your database of addresses and remove accounts that have been linked to fraud and chargebacks, protecting you against cybercriminals and malicious users.

Reduce complaints

Every time one of your recipients reports your email as spam, an abuse report is logged with their internet service provider (ISP), which then sends a warning to your email service provider (ESP). The warning is de-identified to preserve the anonymity of the reporter, but it contains the contents of your email and the notice that you’re sending unsolicited emails. With a sufficient number of complaints, ISPs will blacklist ESPs from sending emails to their customers, so it’s no surprise that ESPs take spam warnings very seriously. A tool like Xverify is one of the most effective means you have of proving your audience’s legitimacy and staying on your ESP’s good side.

Xverify Validation

Increase deliverability

When your customers fill out a signup form, they don’t always get it right. Big thumbs on small screens or well-intentioned but often erroneous autocorrects can easily turn “gmail” into “gmale.” Normally, these kinds of mistakes would cost you a customer, but Xverify can actively spot invalid email addresses as they’re typed into forms and notify the user of the mistake. By resolving these issues before they make it into your records, you can get a more accurate idea of campaign performance.

Data quality is one of the most important parts of digital marketing, and more than half (51%) of businesses say improving the quality of their contact data is the biggest obstacle to a successful email marketing initiative. When you have a database that’s full of nonexistent emails, disconnected phone numbers, and inaccurate physical addresses, it’s next to impossible to get the results you want out of your marketing efforts. To make matters worse, you’re still paying to market to all those additional recipients, whether the cost is sending direct mail to the wrong person, paying an ESP more to send to a bloated email list, or wasting your sales team’s time with the wrong phone numbers.

Whenever you buy large numbers of leads, you’re going to end up with a few duds. To avoid letting them drag down your marketing efforts, you need to identify them as soon as possible. Combining Lead Prosper with Xverify, you can purge inaccurate information that’s been crowding your marketing database and easily put systems in place to validate new data as it’s being added. Activating Xverify validation on a new or existing campaign within Lead Prosper can be achieved with a few simple button clicks. The result? You can spend less time chasing bad leads and put all your effort toward converting real customers.