May 06, 2021Lead Prosper Helps Users Make The Most Of Highlevel

Lead Prosper Helps Users Make The Most Of Highlevel

HighLevel, or “GoHighLevel” as it’s often called, is a popular platform designed to help marketing agencies and their client businesses convert new customers. At its core, HighLevel is a CRM with a host of other capabilities built in. Instead of starting with a CRM like HubSpot and using Zapier to integrate email marketing through MailChimp, outbound calling through Zendesk, reputation management with Birdeye, and other functions, HighLevel simplifies your tech stack and adds these resources and more under one platform. Ease of use is the biggest draw, but HighLevel can also reduce your total monthly subscription costs because you’re just paying for a single solution.

Filling in the Gaps

HighLevel is great at a lot of things, like helping you communicate with your leads across channels including SMS, email, and Facebook Messenger, making it easy to see all those communications in a single place, and adding automation to make multi-channel drip campaigns a breeze. In the lead distribution department, however, the software could use a bit of a boost.

HighLevel users come to us all the time to get help routing certain leads to specific people. In Lead Prosper, agencies using HighLevel can add their agents as “buyers” and then route leads to these buyers based on certain criteria. If you have a landing page collecting leads for a national solar installer, for example, you can ensure that leads in Florida go to the Florida sales rep while leads in Arizona go to the rep located there. Location is just one of many fields to choose from, and you could use Lead Prosper to route the highest value leads to your best salespeople, set up a round robin distribution to ensure each salesperson gets the same number of leads, or really implement any distribution scenario you can dream up.

Lead Prosper can also help HighLevel users with campaign management. If you’re generating leads with HighLevel, there’s no way to easily track important statistics like how much you’re spending and where the leads are going. If you’re a real estate agency buying leads, for example, you can’t quickly see that this week, eight leads went to agent one, four leads went to agent two, etc. By using Lead Prosper, you can post into the HighLevel API and tap into this kind of data to improve the functionality of the platform.

HighLevel will continue to be a key player in the CRM space, with a suite of capabilities that puts some of the larger, more established options to shame. At the same time, we’ve helped dozens of customers add valuable functionalities to HighLevel to make a good product even better. If you’re a HighLevel user interested in how Lead Prosper can help you make the most of your subscription, don’t hesitate to reach out today! You can also read what our customers have to say about pairing HighLevel and Lead Prosper below:

“If you operate a marketing agency with a results-focused business model, you need granular control over your marketing lead delivery. As you probably know, scaling one funnel for multiple buyers in HighLevel is quite the challenge, and distributing the leads with accuracy is almost impossible. We were mentally preparing ourselves for another Zapier-induced headache when we stumbled upon and immediately fell in love. Not only does it provide the additional lead delivery control we craved, but it does so at a very affordable price. Let me make it simple for you if you’re a lead gen agency: + HighLevel = A match made in heaven!”

-Faris Alyousef @ Leadbamboo

“As a lead generation agency owner, GoHighLevel solves most of my problems. Lead Prosper solves the rest of them. Together, scaling my agency has never been easier.”

-Max @ Lead Mynt