February 04, 2021New Analytics Beta Recent Change Log Updates

New Analytics Beta Recent Change Log Updates

Have you seen the new analytics yet? We have the new version live, in BETA, and we’d love your feedback! We’ve added some awesome new features so you can really drill down on your analytics!

If you configure your analytics you’ll notice the following:

  • Filters
    • Choose exactly which campaigns you want to view in your analytics
    • Filter on a campaign or client level
    • Filter on a dupe % or fail %
  • Group By
    • On a campaign or buyer/supplier level
    • On a monthly or daily interval
  • Metrics
    • Choose exactly which metrics you want to see
  • Create a report
    • Save all your analytics settings as a report that you can easily come back to and view at any time

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our new analytics, please feel to submit a support ticket or book a call with us here!

Recent Change Log / Updates

  • buyer(s) will start off paused when added to campaigns
  • fields and static fields cannot be named: lp_campaign_id, lp_supplier_id, lp_key, hash.
  • filters: states now displayed uppercased
  • added tech email to account profile. this will be displayed on API specs page for suppliers. defaults to [email protected]
  • fix malformed UTF8 input for ingestion request
  • repost skips local dupe checker
  • added additional payload validations that will alert user
  • fixed saving “0” in a text filter
  • added message that warns the user if they change the client associated with a buyer/supplier (analytics will be skewed)
  • added “send buyers in API response” to single buyer campaigns. users can select now if they want ALL buyers or just the ones that purchased a lead
  • new transformer: us_state
  • highest bidder campaign: added avg bid in edit campaign page
  • added payload validator for XML/JSON