March 03, 2021Ping Post Feature Spotlight Highest Bidder

Ping Post Feature Spotlight Highest Bidder

After years of one-on-one, bulk lead exchanges between lead sellers and buyers, ping post is taking the lead distribution industry by storm. Here’s how it works, keeping in mind that the entire exchange takes place in a few seconds or less:

  • Sellers send out non-identifiable information about a lead, such as zip code, estimated household income, or whatever fields a buyer might want to determine the value of a lead
  • Lead buyers look at that information, decide how much that lead is worth, and then respond in real time with their bid amount for the lead.
  • The winner of the auction—generally the highest bidder—gets the “post,” which contains the full lead information

Ping post is exploding in popularity because it benefits everyone, including lead sellers, buyers, and even the leads themselves. Sellers get the ability to market a lead to an almost unlimited number of potential buyers and sell it to the one that values it most highly, while lead buyers get a certain amount of non-identifiable information to help decide what they’re willing to offer for the lead. And because lead buyers are buying more of the leads they want and lead sellers are maximizing their lead value, the ping post system is more likely to generate higher quality leads.

For more information on ping post and the specific features Lead Prosper has designed to help you take advantage of it, read our complete article or reach out for a demo today.